Monday, May 03, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Handy DIY tip for Bank Holiday Monday

I tend to be a bit critical of Gordon Smart, but I'm delighted to report that this morning's Bizarre column is actually cut-out-and-keep useful. He reveals how to deal with a nasty infestation of Stereophonics:

STEREOPHONICS stormed off stage when frontman KELLY JONES was struck in the face by a FLIP-FLOP flung from the audience.

The singer muttered "Thank you" before exiting with his Welsh bandmates during the gig in Singapore.

If you don't have a flip-flop to hand, a sandal would do the job as well.

Seriously, you shouldn't throw things at the faces of people up on stage, no matter how much their faces might have been designed as a target to receive stray flip-flops. Not even The Stereophonics deserve to be hit with a barrage of objects. Having said that, nobody deserves to be hit by the sound of The Stereophonics playing live, but they don't seem able to help themselves.