Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rachel Stevens waves from the crowd

Rachel Stevens is further out than we thought, and not waving, but drowning:

Rachel Stevens has revealed that she would be interested in collaborating with Lady GaGa.

I'm sure GaGa will be delighted that Rachel Stevens is prepared to consider a collaboration with her.

But Stevens must make it clear she's prepared to spread the love:
"I also love Rihanna, Florence and the Machine and Marina & The Diamonds. I think they all have such strong identities and they're really stylish, strong women."

"... and Amy Winehouse. Susan Boyle. Kate Bush - she isn't dead, is she? I'd be happy to work with Vera Lynn. Or Saffron from Republica. Anyone. Anyone at all... well, not Lisa Scott-Lee, obviously, but anyone else."