Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Save 6Music march was a success - sort of

It wasn't quite the way of saving 6Music people had in mind, but I think everyone will take this:

Sony Award Winning DJ George Lamb and co presenter Marc Hughes have taken the decision to move on from BBC 6 Music. George presented both the prime-time-mid-morning weekday show and the morning weekend show with Marc.

George has fashioned a statement. I suggest you read this with a loop of cackling in your head, breaking off every sixth word to let off a klaxon:
"This isn't a decision we've taken hastily. We've been reviewing our situation for some time and we've always looked for opportunities to maximise the shows potential. I leave 6music with fantastic memories, and will always look back at my three and a bit years with great joy.

Marc and I have been overwhelmed by the support we've had from the 6music management and our incredible listeners from day one.

We're super excited about developing our new show based on our tried and tested 3L's principle - Listening, Laughing and Learning. This wouldn't have been possible without 6music and I wish everyone at the station the best of luck in this transitional period and my support for the station will always remain“

Yes, there's the threat of a new radio show there - apparently due some time in 2011 - but it won't be taking up valuable time on 6.

Now all we need is for the BBC to keep 6Music on the air.