Sunday, May 16, 2010

The smaller Pink: set cut back in Brighton

Running order troubles at Brighton's Great Escape Festival, with headliners The Big Pink only getting thirty minutes by the time they got on stage.

It's lucky that Groove Armada weren't playing there; they came on stage across town thirty minutes late, so they'd have only had time for a quick "Brighton - are you ready to noodle for a bit?" before the "goodnight, Corn Exchange."

Over at the Concorde2, Sleigh Bells invited fans onto the stage, which the NME reports as being some sort of a problem:

With minimal security at the venue, staff were forced to chase those members of the audience who did make it past them around the stage, while the Brooklyn duo carried on playing the track regardless.

I've never been entirely sure why security throw people off stage when they've been explicitly invited on by the artists. It just seems rude. You'd have to hope they don't go on to work on The Price Is Right - "I don't care if Mr Carrey told you to come on down, my boss says you're to stay in your seat."


Jim W said...

Meanwhile no one seems to have picked up on the utterly bizarre Monotonix cock-up at ATP.

Everyone's asked to sit down on the floor, security guards stand at each corner and push down anyone who dares move. Crowd inevitably dare to jump about after two songs. One kid crowd surfs. Entire set pulled.

It's one of those things and apparently Butlins were terrified of damage being done...

Jim W said...

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