Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Denver has some sort of rating

Someone - and the 9News report doesn't actually say whom - has come up with a semi-meaningless figure to measure the 'creative vitality' of US cities, leading to this sort of conclusion:

A new study says Denver's music scene is bigger than once thought, ranking high with the likes of Los Angeles, New Orleans and Seattle.

Denver's Creative Vitality Index, or CIV, is 2.33. The national average was reported to be 1, and cities like Los Angles and Seattle received CIV's of 4.24 and 2.06 respectively.

I'm not sure I even understand how Creative Vitality Index gets shortened to CIV rather than CVI, much less how this number is arrived at.
According to the study, there are about 2,300 music-related jobs in Denver, which is higher than Seattle and New Orleans on a per-capita basis.

Denver is home to 44 music venues and at least 60 more mixed-use venues that offer live music every night of the week, and according to the study, the total gross sales for all the venues in the Mile High City averaged a minimum of $2.3 million a night.

That would imply that Denver music venues are taking USD839million a year. Which, if true, is probably a far better indication of Denver's creativity than a made-up number.