Saturday, June 05, 2010

Embed and breakfast man: I Am Kurious Oranj

A spot of ballet for the weekend. Back in 1988, The Fall entered into a didn't-see-that-coming collaboration with Michael Clark to create a ballet marking the tricentenary of the Glorious Revolution. The finished work featured Brix Smith sitting on a giant hamburger and a title punning on I Am Curious Yellow.

Back when the album came out, most reviewers would describe I Am Curious Yellow as a "porno", or words to that effect; I sometimes wonder if anyone was inspired by that to get hold of the film and a big box of tissues only to find they were going to spend their evening trying to make out subtitles detailing 1960s Scandinavian gender politics. Or if they just fast forwarded a lot.

And, while we're wandering off the point a little:

So, then, this weekend we'll be working through the album track-by-track, or as close to it as the internet will let us (I'm suspecting there's going to be a spot of skipping around the middle of side one.)

The first track wasn't the Overture, which is just to show what a counter-revolutionary old stick Mark E Smith can be, but Big New Prinz. Taken here from legendary Grandaland-only Wilson-arts-circus The Other Side Of Midnight:

In the comments on that on YouTube, someone suggests it's a mix of The Sweeney and The Glitter Band's Rock And Roll, to which somebody else replies "yeah, it's a total rip-off", as if simply everyone was doing that sort of thing back in 1988.

Mind you, AllMusic only gives the 2.5, which suggests the internet really doesn't know what it's talking about.

I Am Kurious Oranj

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