Saturday, June 05, 2010

Erykah Badu: My tush? You couldn't handle my tush

Any suspicion that Erykah Badu's naked-on-the-knoll video was merely a publicity stunt designed to try and restart a career which had been sat for a while on the hard shoulder will now melt away as she tells Vibe it was actually just a political statement:

The singer also received backlash simply for disrobing in a video; online commentators suggested she was using sex to sell her music.

Badu scoffed at that notion, though.

"I look at some other videos. I'm not naming names, because I don't want that to be mentioned. There is the thing with sexuality," Badu told Vibe. "I'm naked for 13 seconds, and these people are naked the whole time and gyrating and saying come 'lick on my lollipop' and 'suck on my cinnamon roll' and, you know, suggesting sex. People are uncomfortable with sexuality that's not for male consumption. Could be 'cause I did it in public too. Do you think people would have been complaining if I had on high-heel shoes?"

Her protests are only slightly undermined by her whipping her clothes off for the cover of the Vibe as well. I expect that's there's some subtle point I'm missing.


Anonymous said...

A political statement? So what kind of message is she attempting to send by strolling butt naked down the street right past the spot where President Kennedy's brains were blown out? She has no idea - the number of people in our country she offended doing this. Frankly, I'm amazed somebody didn't try and go after her right there in Dealey Plaza. It's an insult to President Kennedy's memory, to his family, to the millions of people here in the US who still mourn his death, as well as the assassination of his brother Bobby. Her behavior - she is making a mockery of President Kennedy's murder.

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