Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Leona Lewis lucky to not be bleeding, love

The need to put some zip into Leona Lewis' tour has led to her having trouble with her hydraulics:

One of the fancy new hydraulic lifts that takes Leona and her dancers up and down from below stage to the set broke.

It was stuck at the bottom - and in the darkness Leona plunged down it.

It sounds like BP have built the system, to be honest, as it seems to not work properly at all:
And on Monday night in Liverpool there was another malfunction. A platform that rises her to the roof jammed at an angle and Leona had to clamber off in her huge heels.

Still, it's not all bad:
She said: "My mum and dad have been with me for the first two nights so there's a lovely family atmosphere.

"And SIMON COWELL sent so many flowers my dressing room is completely full."

Me, I'd rather the cash had been spent on the stage set rather than down the florist. I wonder what Cowell said when he was on the phone to Interflora? "If you can get them there before the show starts, put 'good luck' on the card, but if she'll already have been on stage, can you put 'get well soon'?"

Backstage at the Leona Lewis gig is the only place in showbiz where 'break a leg' is a prediction rather than a charm.