Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Girls Can't Catch anyone's eye

Girls Can't Catch - who tried to be The Spice Girls or Girls Aloud or something with Girls in that was successful - have bowed to the inevitable and given up:

Member Daizy Agnew confirmed the news to fans in a post on her Twitter.com page, writing, "Sadly it's over for GCC. We have (had) an incredible year! Thank you so much for your support. It was a pleasure to share this experience with Jess (Stickley) and Phoebe (Brown). I will (be) pursuing other projects. I don't believe in giving up. Thank you once again for everything."

No word yet on what Daisy Agnew's other projects might involve, but friends say she has been asking 'so, how often do they change out the Sugababes again?' quite a lot.

The strategy of attempting to ride a girl-power type typhoon to fame while having a name which appeared to be lifted directly from a sitcom bloke's sneer will continue to be pursued by other bands, including I Can't Do The Maths As I'm A Lady and Stop Flapping The Map About We Should Have Turned Left Outside Cirencester.