Friday, July 23, 2010

Richard Desmond plots an impossible dream

With his hands almost certainly to grab Channel Five, Richard Desmond has plans. The former wankmagnate and current owner of porn TV channels has a dream, according to MediaGuardian:

Richard Desmond has told colleagues he would like to revive Top of the Pops, which was shelved by the BBC in 2006 after 42 years, if he buys Five. He wants to create a series of landmark shows in peak time and believes a live music programme would win a big audience.

Except, of course, Top Of The Pops didn't win a big audience, which was why the BBC shelved it. Mind you, what was underperformance for BBC One and Two might look like a golden jewel amongst... whatever it is that Channel Five does these days. Is it still showing Fast Forward?

The other problem is that Top Of The Pops isn't actually in play. MediaGuardian speculates:
If he does press ahead with plans for a music show, Desmond may simply dust down the format and choose a different name.

Ah. So rather than brining back Top Of The Pops, effectively Desmond is planning to rebuild The Roxy.


James said...

"Except, of course, Top Of The Pops didn't win a big audience, which was why the BBC shelved it."

Yeah, but just wait 'til Desmond gets his hands on it and applies the winning formula that made his free Express and Star compilation CDs such hits. I can see it now, whole families gathering round the TV to watch 15 minutes of Top 40 acts, followed by 15 minutes of 'bonus tracks' by session bands with names like 'Illusion' and Blazing Barry and the Bumwits.

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