Monday, August 09, 2010

A book at breakfast: Phil Jupitus on his time at 6Music

Phil Jupitus has written up his time as a breakfast show host for a book, Good Morning Nantwich - although for some reason there's a drawing of Amy Lamé on the cover.

It's pretty damning of Lesley Douglas' late-period at the station, and John Plunkett's interview with Jupitus gives a taste:

Asked to present a listener poll of the greatest duets in history, Jupitus lost his rag when an internet campaign meant Fairytale of New York by Kirsty MacColl and the Pogues was kept off the top spot by an obscure tune by Sinead O'Connor and the Chieftains.

"I started whining about this on air and getting crosser and crosser and then my mobile went and it was Lesley Douglas," recalls Jupitus. "She said: 'If you want to destroy 6 Music keep doing what you are doing on air now.' And I went: 'This is not a fucking 6 Music show, this is not what the station is supposed to be about.' I kind of lost it with her and hung up." The pair have not spoken in the three years since.
Jupitus also got it in the neck for not playing Razorlight or Coldplay.

He's more positive about the network now, pointing to Lauren Laverne as an example of how the current 6Music has got the balance right. And the campaign to save the station from closure is seen as a sign of the BBC connecting with audiences.

But Jupitus isn't on air right now:
He also offered his services to a local BBC radio station. "I said the money's not important, I just want to play some music. They weren't interested. I can't get arrested on the radio by the BBC these days."
He's had angry calls with management while on the air, criticised his network with the microphone up, and now feels shunned. Phil Jupitus might just be the new Danny Baker.

Surely someone could give him a show?