Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Clancy clash

How is Abby Clancy "coping" with whatever it is that Peter Crouch is supposed to have done?

She's doing brilliantly; I know, because Gordon's team told us yesterday:


Abbey put on a brave face as she breezed into work yesterday.

The presenter amazed the crew on her new E4 show Great British Hairdresser as she battled to prove the antics of Crouchy had NOT left her grouchy.

During eight hours of filming, the presenter was seen LAUGHING and JOKING.
That's great to hear, right? Breezing about, laughing, joking and leaving Caps Lock on.

Hang on, though: According to, erm, Gordon's team This Morning, Gordon's team yesterday was completely wrong:

DEVASTATED Abbey Clancy has pulled out of a live TV date today as she struggles to come to terms with fiancé Peter Crouch's cheating.

Abbey, 24, was due to front her fashion slot on ITV1's This Morning.

But last night she told bosses she could not face live TV after new revelations about England soccer star Crouch.
Apparently she was afraid the scrutiny would have been "too intense" if she'd gone on This Morning, although I'm sure the nine people still watching daytime ITV would have been gentle with her.

Meanwhile, Bono has taken up smoking again. Shortening his life, putting his voice at risk, but there's a downside, too, of course - an "amusing" list of U2 songs drawn up by Sean Hamilton, the number two at Gordon's desk:
1. New Year's 20-a-Day

2. Ciggie Of Blinding Lights

3. Where The Streets Have No Flames

4. Get On Your Cheroots

5. (Embassy No.) One
This comes under a heading "It's a buttiful day", which gives you an idea of what the shortlist must have been like. Where The Streets Have No Flames?