Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Turner the Coles

Clearly, given the way Gordon suddenly stopped referring to Cheryl as Tweedy and reverted to Cole a couple of weeks ago, it's not actually news to him that Cheryl Cole has decided to remain branded with Ashley's name, but he pretends like it's breaking this morning.

X Factor judge Cheryl says her move was inspired by chart legend TINA TURNER, 70, who kept husband and bandmate Ike's name after their 1976 divorce.
Apparently, she's afraid people might get confused:
a source said: "Cheryl has decided her married name will stay. She feels the most successful period of her career has been under the name Cole.

"She's established in Europe. Going back to her maiden name Tweedy would be confusing.

"It also shows she is bigger than Ashley and prepared to be grown up about a difficult time in her life. She is a fan of Tina Turner. Tina was divorced during her career but decided to stick with her married name because it was how she was best known."
It's a nice little explanation, although I suspect it's a decision taken by someone in an office rather than by Tweedy herself. Cole herself.

Why would keep your ex-husband's name to show you're "bigger" than Ashley? Does that make any sense? Should Ashley now change his name to Tweedy to show he was just as big as Cheryl?

She better hope he doesn't insist on a licensing fee.