Friday, August 13, 2010

Gordon in the morning: There's no reason why you can't shamelessly promote yourself and your boss

I'm sure that in his mind, Gordon is convinced he's just doing some cross-promotion for Sky Sports, but... oh dear.

Normally when Smart does one of his grinding football things, he at least gets one of A1 or Dappy's cousin to stand alongside him to pretend it is sort-of about showbiz celebrities. But today?

It's all about the Gordon:

SERGE PIZZORNO has a rival in the Soccer AM hall of fame - ME.

The KASABIAN star scored THE best ever goal on The Road To Wembley challenge - flicking the ball up with his right foot and smashing it through the "b" like no other guest, before or since.

But I'm right up there after the cult Sky Sports show's hosts MAX RUSHDEN and HELEN CHAMBERLAIN invited me down to unveil the new "Road to Wembley 2011".
And on it goes, with Smart detailing how he kicked a ball at a wall for a TV programme, for all the world as if he thinks anyone might be interested.

You can see why they've not taken The Sun behind a paywall, can't you?

In fact, Gordon's astonishing goal might not even make the cut:
It's still the best footie show on the telly after 16 seasons, and hopefully the gorgeous Hell's Bells will show my goal to the nation tomorrow.
Hopefully? But if your goal was so brilliant, wouldn't it be a shoo-in?

If the whole thing wasn't enough of a cringe, let's just savour the caption on the photograph:
Road to Wembley ... Gordon poses after displaying his Smart skills