Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What can Black Sabbath teach the Church of England?

Both the CofE and Sabbath have stuff in common: venerable institutions back in the past, now well past their level of usefulness and run purely as cash-cows by dubious characters. So it's not so crazy that the Reverend Rachel Mann has suggested the church could take a lesson from the Sabbath. The Register has details:

“As both priest and metal musician and fan, it strikes me that the Church, especially at this agonized time, has a serious gospel lesson to learn from this darkest and heaviest music.”
“The music’s willingness to deal with nihilistic and, on occasion, extremely unpleasant subjects seems to offer its fans a space to accept others in a way that shames many Christians," she says.

She adds that parish councils across the land may want to emulate the ways of the headbanger, who she describes as generally “graceful, welcoming and gentle”.
Archbishop Ronan Williams was unavailable for comment, because he was still trying to bite the head of a bat in a bid to unify the African and North American wings of Anglicanism.