Thursday, September 09, 2010

Boybandobit: Rich Cronin

Rich Cronin, a member of late 90s short-lived boyband Lyte Funky Ones, has died at the cruelly young age of 35.

Cronin co-wrote LFO's 1999 hit Summer Girls, but the band struggled in a stalling and overcrowded market. They split in 2002; three years later, Rich was diagnosed with leukemia.

In one of many periods of remission from the leukemia, Cronin went on to appear in the Mission Man Band series of MTV alongside other struggling former boyband stars. Although not doing much for either music or television, the show did create some solid friendships - Chris Kirpatrick was one of the first to express sympathy after news of Cronin's death was announced.

He had launched a charity, the Rich Cronin Hope Foundation, to raise awareness and encourage bone marrow donations.