Friday, September 24, 2010

Bruni does Bowie

The Daily Mail is having a right old laugh at Carla Bruni's Absolute Beginners cover:

Carla Bruni is being mocked mercilessly across France after having recorded arguably the most dreadful David Bowie cover of all time.
Clearly never heard Keane doing Under Pressure down at the Mail offices, then. Or The Flying Pickets doing Space Oddity.

The Mail gleefully reprints all sorts of negative comment from around the web:
‘She should stop smoking cigars,’ adds one particularly acerbic comment on the site, in a barbed reference to the controversial pictures of Miss Bruni smoking that were featured in 1994 issue of French Vogue.
Yes, how especially acerbic to make a reference to a fifteen year-old modeling job.

There's also some bemusing suggestion that by sticking out a dodgy track for a charity record, this might somehow influence Sarkozy's chances of re-election. Because, you'll remember, the UK election swung on the quality of the overpriced handbags Samantha Cameron used to flog to the other toffs.

The key thing, surely, is that this cannot be worse than Lenny Kravitz doing Rebel Rebel. Nothing can.