Wednesday, September 22, 2010

France unleashes force of Hadopi

The French copyright industry has started to request identities of unlicensed filesharers. It's getting off to a "lowkey" start:

The scope of the operation is mind boggling. The copyright holders will start relatively ‘slowly’ with 10,000 IP-addresses a day, but within weeks this number is expected to go up to 150,000 IP-addresses per day according to official reports.

The Internet providers will be tasked with identifying the alleged infringers’ names, addresses, emails and phone numbers. If they fail to do so within 8 days they risk a fine of 1,500 euros per day for every unidentified IP-address.
So in a month or two, the ISPs might be having to cope with a million demands a week. Or handing over a million and a half Euros a week to the copyright industry.

To be honest, you can't really imagine the music and film companies have the resources to formally request all those details, nor do anything with them if they could.

Now it's coming into force, it's clear that Hadopi is as poorly thought-out and unworkable as everyone who didn't have a vested interest suggested. How soon before it falls apart in the courts?