Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Freedom is just a song by Wham!

This, sadly, feels like something that's been inevitable: George Micheal's been sent to prison after the most recent driving-while-drugged incident.

It turns out driving into a branch of Snappy Snaps is just pushing your luck too far.

He's been jailed for eight weeks.


PeterDee said...

For Spacious Lies, I loved that song, I still love that song.

Happy walker said...

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Anonymous said...

Actually, George wrote the lyric "I don't want your freedom. Six years later he wrote "Praying for time." Kinda makes you think he was asking for it!

James said...

"driving into a branch of Snappy Snaps is just pushing your luck too far"

Indeed. In fact many experts confirmed it was the second-worst photo-shop car-crash they'd seen, after David Cameron's election poster.



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