Monday, September 06, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Come on, Vogue

Seriously, Vogue? You've put Cheryl Cole on the cover this month? What's it going to be for November - "My man turned out to be a vampire - but I love him anyway"?

Still, the magazine's decision to swallow hard and go with sales instead of style has given The Sun's Lynsey Haywood the chance to 'write' a piece by copying out some stuff from a magazine. Cole tells Vogue how terrible it's all been:

CHERYL Cole spoke out over her divorce from love rat husband Ashley - and admitted: "I feel betrayed."

The X Factor judge said: "Yes, definitely I do, but I've got to take everything that's happened and learn from it. I accept that that's a chapter of my life that's finished.

"And I've just got to be grateful that I've got so many good things going on. I have. And there's no children, you know?"
Although Cole has ended the chapter, she seems to spend an awful lot of time going through some sort of comprehension exercise based on it.

It's curious that someone who apparently needed her divorce to be listed in a secret fashion in the court papers is happy to chat all about it in a glossy magazine. It makes it look like the courts were used as an access management tool rather than as, you know, courts.