Monday, September 06, 2010

Tony Blair meets Jedward. Or is it the other way round?

Oh, bloody hell. Thank you Daily Mail for managing to make us feel a shard of sympathy for Tony Blair:

Tony Blair is conducting a whistle-stop tour of the country's radio and TV stations to promote his book, A Journey, and he doesn't seem to care with whom he shares the limelight.

The former PM's tour reached a breathtaking low on Friday when he appeared on Irish television alongside reality TV duo 'Jedwood'.
He was on the same edition of The Late Late Show as Jedward. It's not like he went on their programme or took part in a singsong with them.

There's more than enough inappropriate grinning to throw at Blair without having to pretend you don't understand the make-up of Ireland's main talk show. He dropped depleted uranium on children, which makes sharing a running order with Jedward somewhat small beer.

Even more oddly, despite the headline:
Is there nothing Tony Blair won't do as he tries to flog his book? The night ex-PM posed with Jedward
... most of the article actually talks about Daybreak and ends up churning through quotes about Adrian Chiles from Christine Bleakley. It's the like the article itself knew it was a bit a weak and tried to change the subject.


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