Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pretending to be JLS

Given that JLS are such slight things that they probably don't look like themselves if they turn sideways, being a JLS sort-of-lookalike appears to take little more than simply having a face which offers a home to a vacant gawp.

Normally, if someone said you looked like JLS, that would be a sign to wear a balaclava. But not for Jon-Adam Pamment and AJ Reid. They went to the papers.

Jon-Adam, who lives off Great Northern Road, has given up his job at clothes shop G-Star, in Westfield, to "make the most of this great opportunity".

He said: "I used to be at work and people would say 'you look like the guy from X Factor'. Then people started coming up to me on nights out saying 'are you him?'

"I don't watch the X Factor, so I didn't know who he was, but I had a look."

It was later that Jon-Adam met ex-Murray Park pupil AJ, of Sinfin, after he went for an interview at G-Star.

Despite not getting the job, the pair became friends and started to go clubbing together.
'Looking a bit like one of the JLS' isn't, perhaps, the sort of 'opportunity' most of us would quit a full-time job to explore, but it proves that the men have the same acute sense of reasoning as the real JLS. If only they could find people who look a bit like the others, they could form, if not a tribute act, then at least a standing-around-looking-a-bit-like act.

[Thanks to Michael M]