Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ashbury Heights claims Out Of Line are out of line

SideLine magazine is tutting that a band shouldn't go public with problems with a label, which seems a bit unfair, as Ashbury Heights tell Facebook that their label has been a bit rubbish:

In a post on their Facebook, which also ended up on the Side-Line forum, Swedish electropop act Ashbury Heights blame their label [Out Of Line] for not having achieved the success the band hoped for. Says Anders Hagström: "I feel that after five years with them without any real progress it wouldn't be fair to ourselves or to the fans to allow them to continue their mismanagement of our music."

He also says that the band was "never meant to be a niche act, circumstances outside of our control made us sign with a niche label however and in hindsight it was probably not a good idea."
Not entirely sure that you can totally blame a niche label for making you a niche act if you signed with them for whatever reason, and it's not entirely clear that Swedish electogothdance was ever going to be a major taste - they surely weren't expecting Bieber-type audiences, were they? - but I'm a bit surprised that SideLine thinks they should keep their gripes to themselves. Presumably the posting is the end of a long, frustrating process rather than the first time the label has heard the band is upset?