Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Awwwk-waaaard

Gordon does mention that she's 17 now, but even that doesn't stop this feeling really creepy:

MILEY CYRUS gives us an eyeful of her Brits as she forgets to wear a bra under her white T-shirt.

The Hannah Montana star, 17, wore the clinging top with denim hotpants as she nipped out for lunch with her family in Los Angeles.
Maybe there was a small voice in his head that made Gordon suddenly wonder if this was an appropriate matter for a grown man to be getting excited about, as he then appends an attempt to make this sound like it's cultural analysis rather than looking at a seventeen year-old girl's nipples:
She seemed to be shaking off her squeaky-clean image - like singer BRITNEY SPEARS did in her teens.
Really, Gordon? You think she went out without a bra as part of a marketing plan? I guess if that makes you feel a bit less like Uncle Disgusting, you might want to cling to that.