Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The English patient

Q has appeared to have sliced up parts of its big Take That interview and given them to various newspapers - presumably allowing Fleet Street to read the scoop so you don't have to, not that you would anyway.

The Mail gets a bit which claims the band nearly changed their name when Williams came back. To The English.

The English.

I think that one nugget tells us just how much creativity there is left in this particular bucket - and if you're still in any doubt:

The album, out on November 22, is said to mark a radical change in style, with less emphasis on ballads and more experimentation with electronic pop.
Now, I could be wrong, and it might turn out to be like a latterday Kraftwerk, but this has all the hallmarks of someone bored with spaghetti bolognaise thinking that putting a splash of Worcestershire Sauce in might take it in a whole new direction.

Q, meanwhile, appears to have done such a good job of splitting the interview up that even as the Mail is happily regurgitating one part of it...
As well as new single The Flood, which is out next month, other tracks include Kidz, Pretty Things and Underground Machine, as well as an intensely personal song by Mark Owen called What Do You Want From Me?
... without apparently being told that another part explicitly says that the song isn't by Mark Owen at all.