Sunday, October 03, 2010

Glastonbury 2011: SeeTickets still isn't up to the job

Although less of a nightmare than in previous years, it still seems from Twitter that the Glastonbury ticket process is still a rotten, tumbling mess:


# Wasted a Sunday morning trying to book my lad a Glastonbury ticket. Think he may have just got 1 via a mate. The booking system is shite.

@glastofest oh great thanks, the bloody See tickets website is still not working #glastonburysucks 10 minutes ago via web in reply to glastofest

@glastofest errrno, it times out. it's a useless, frustrating system. No worries though, you'll sell all the tickets!! about 3 hours ago via web in reply to glastofest
trying get a glastonbury ticket takes the PISS
Sold out! Never even got on the website. That's 2 yrs in a row now. Waste of time #Glastonbury
How many years now have they been selling exclusively online, and they still can't get the system to work properly?

What's interesting, though, this year is that it's not just the fans taking to Twitter to attack Seetickets for being useless:
See tickets have indeed let us down today I'm sorry but there will be another sale of cancelled tickets in 2011. Still some left now though
If even Michael Eavis, a man who can't see a mudbath without pointing out the rejuvenating properties of Somerset clay, is saying Seetickets isn't up to the job, why are Glastonbury still using them?

[UPDATE: Oh. That turns out not to be an actual Michael Eavis account. Sorry; thanks to the comments which pointed that out.]


Anonymous said...

@MichaelEavis is NOT Michael Eavis!

Anonymous said...

that Twitter account is not in fact ME.

Anonymous said...

that's probably because that's a fake eavis account

Anonymous said...

regardless of whether the Twitter account is actually his or not, would the real Michael Eavis even have a say in who was selling the tickets? would that not be a Festival Republic call?

and Seetickets is ALWAYS atrocious. Have had tickets sold via them on several occasions (not by choice) with every time resulting in some kind of upset.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

@most recent anonymous
Yes, it'd be part of the infrastructure which is down to FestivalRepbulic - it'd be interesting to know how much (the real) Eavis and his team are allowed to influence that sort of decision; presumably they must have some sort of input to the process even if not the final call.

@other anonymouses
Thanks for pointing out that it's a false Eavis.

Anonymous said...

"How many years now have they been selling exclusively online, and they still can't get the system to work properly?"

None, I don't think. You can still get tickets over the phone.

Upset & Digruntled Grrr. said...

Utter shite. Waste of 4 hours you owe me. Burn Glastonbury.

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