Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gordon in the morning: You would see Jedward coming

Jedward have more money than sense. To be honest, if they were overdrawn and owing on a suite of credit cards, they'd still have more money than sense.

But there's some sort of evidence now as they've managed to blow twenty grand on tat:

X Factor stars Jedward, real names JOHN and EDWARD GRIMES, went with no sleep for two nights while bidding on China-based icons auction Legends.
There's two of you. One of you could have slept while the other one did the bidding.
Edward said: "It's really good stuff - nobody else in the world has it."
Nobody else in the world has sheep AIDS, but that doesn't actually make it desirable.
"We bought a BRITNEY SPEARS suit she wore in a Pepsi commercial.

"We've got a signed, limited-edition Michael Jackson doll and a signed bedsheet of his also signed by MACAULAY CULKIN. We also bought some outfits from Batman, like The Riddler's, and some clown thing."
By a strange coincidence, over at the Legends auction HQ, as they look through their records, "some clown thing" was the answer to the question "what's this Jedward that's buying all our crap?"