Friday, October 29, 2010

Limewire closed in famous victory for record labels

So, Wednesday's decision from a US court that Limewire must be closed down. How's that working out, then?

No word yet on how much money the record labels have poured in to getting the closure of a service from which the world has moved on - it's a bit like environmentalists concentrating their fire on two-stroke petrol engines.

How insignificant was this expensive victory? Billboard, house journal of the US music industry, bunged the closure news in a collection of News Briefs, tucked between the possibility that Justin Timberlake might be cheating on Jessica Biel and forty year-old news about John Lennon ranting at a dry cleaners.

Marginally less important than someone kissing Olivia Munn. The RIAA must be thrilled. They've climbed a mountain and come down a molehill. Oh, but still facing bills for the action - 4chan are launching a denial of service attack on the RIAA today.

Although, really, closing down the RIAA is a bit like closing down Limewire - just hastening the end for a declining property.