Friday, October 29, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Wig out

This is an entire Gordon news story from this morning:

BLONDIE goes whitey as singer DEBBIE HARRY tries out the platinum look.

But Debbie, 65 - known for her yellow locks in the '70s - was sporting a wig at a New York charity bash.
Let's not even worry about how platinum and white hair colours are different. Let's not even worry about the suggestion that Debbie Harry was known for her hair rather than her music. The real oddity in those two sentences is the "but".

Now, I don't subscribe the idea that you can't start a sentence with "but", but...

Still, it's better than the jokey approach to Billy Ray Cyrus' divorce, which titters over how Miley will have an "Achy Breaky Heart". I guess we should be lucky it's just a divorce and not a death which Gordon's wheeled that out for.