Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Liverpool City Council's Ringo Starr nightmare continues

The botched handling of the destruction of Victorian homes in the Dingle - including the first home of Ringo Starr - has opened a new chapter, as souvenier hunters have started to pinch bricks from the building.

Liverpool City Council has now had to spend a fortune putting security grilles on the building to stop people taking bricks from a house it doesn't even want to be there any more.

Apparently there's a danger the place might fall down. Obviously, that would really interfere with the plans to knock the place down.

Judging from the Echo's report, nobody is even pretending the house is going to be saved any more. Clearly, it's been decided that it has no value. Except to the people who are taking the bricks.


Anonymous said...

The issue of whether the house should be saved aside - isn't it slightly missing the point to say 'Apparently there's a danger the place might fall down. Obviously, that would really interfere with the plans to knock the place down.'?

Seems pretty obvious they're boarding it up because the next person to treat the building as a game of 'Beatles Jenga' might end up crushed under a falling pile of bricks?

robin said...

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