Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Daily Mail plays 'we know something you don't know'

Covering the story of the man convicted of blackmailing a pop star, the Mail was quick to let readers know that it was in full possession of the facts:

The identity of the victim, who has a home in London, is known to this newspaper but cannot be revealed because of a strict court order, which also bans us from revealing her age, nationality and whether she is in a relationship or has children.
But the Mail knows. Isn't it worse for the woman who had her privacy violated to know that every journalist in London, and their families and friends, and their families and their friends, know who she is, and feel they've got that over her?

Mind you, it's also quite nasty for any other female popstar with a house in London who hasn't had 27 pictures of god-alone-knows-what pinched from her laptop. The steel ring of security around the victim has meant all of her peers will be spending the next few years sighing and denying it was anything to do with them...