Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MySpace puts its affairs in order

The description of MySpace's soon-coming overhaul as "a last throw of the dice" is unfair - there will be more, more desperate scrambling dice-hurling to come.

But look, this is what they're doing:

It's not the first time MySpace has trumpeted that it's going to become an entertainment destination - I think that was the strategy at the overhaul-before-last, wasn't it? If it had taken, I suspect they wouldn't be needing to reintroduce the concept all over again.

The circus has moved on; the audience are on Facebook. MySpace will continue to be used as a great way of subsidising the cost of storage for bands and record labels, for as long as it chooses to do so. But its hopes of owning music? Gone, Mr Murdoch. Gone.