Monday, October 25, 2010

Travelodge churn out another 'survey' about sleep

Travelodge have updated their "study" into the most soporific band, and once again have "discovered" that Coldplay are the dullest band in the world.

Even though Coldplay might be quite dull, it's unlikely even listening to them would be able to make you fall asleep on the mean beds in the stark rooms of Travelodge. If you ask Travelodge why it doesn't give its guests biscuits, or a hairdryer, or a telephone to call reception, or more than the basics in towels, it proudly announces:

In order to continue delivering highly competitive pricing, we must constantly review operating costs to eliminate unnecessary spend.
Apparently, though, funding useless non-surveys which do little but to snicker at Coldplay is a necessary spend.