Monday, October 25, 2010

Will Smith suddenly becomes a protective parent

Will Smith is stepping in to make sure Willow Smith doesn't find out how terrible her song is:

Willow Smith tells news show Access Hollywood, "Whenever I'm on (video-sharing website) YouTube trying to look at my song to show my friends, he's like covering the comments and I'm like, 'Dad, what's wrong?' And he's like, 'Nothing, it's just there's people out there who really don't like it.'"
I'm not sure going 'there's a tonne of shit reviews here, don't look at them' is quite protecting your daughter - they HATE you so bad you can't even see how bad; and it might have been better to have stepped in when the idea of releasing Flip My Hair was first suggested.

By the way, nice to see that ContactMusic feels its readers might need the concept of 'YouTube' explained to them.