Thursday, November 04, 2010

BBC say sorry to Band Aid, Bob Geldof

The BBC has withdrawn and apologised some of its reporting over Ethiopian aid - although the actual complaints findings aren't online yet, so it's not entirely clear yet what, specifically, they're saying sorry for.

Much of the apologising seems to be for other news programmes making a direct link between Band Aid and misused aid; the BBC has admitted you could have come away with the impression that the programme was talking about Band Aid funds rather than aid in general.

In much the same way that this morning, you could come away with the impression that the apology was for the original investigation into what happened to aid rather than some of the summarising which followed.

The Mail is relatively restrained in its reporting of the apology. But then the Mail did run a story directly linking Band Aid funds to weapons around the same time, with an on-the-record source.