Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beatles: The numbers

EMI are chortling with delight over the sales figures for the first week of Beatles on iTunes:

EMI has sold more than 450,000 Beatles albums via Apple's iTunes store in the seven days since the band's entire back catalogue was made available to download digitally.

The music company said 2 million Beatles singles have also been downloaded. An EMI insider hailed it as "a pretty amazing achievement".
It's not a disaster, but given the number of albums and tracks available, and the global marketing heft given to the launch, it's not really that good. A pretty solid, middle batting order performance.

Hang about a moment, though... this isn't just the UK sales. It's worldwide. Oh, and those 450,000 include those sold as parts of the box set counted more than once.

EMI needs any sales it can get these days, but given this has been their longest-awaited launch, the whoops of delight sound somewhat forced.


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