Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Me and Roo

We know what The Sun thinks of Wayne Rooney, right? He's no better than he should be.

He's shamed, says Pete Samson:

SHAMED Wayne Rooney arrived in the States yesterday - to stay slap bang in the middle of America's strip club capital.
He's a a sleazeball, say Richard Moriarty and Guy Patrick:
SLEAZEBALL Wayne Rooney pesters a busty blonde for sex while on the prowl at a drunken party.
When Scott Sutter accused Rooney of giving footballers a bad name, Paul Jiggins could only agree:
Wayne's such a cuckroo[sic] clot
Yes, he's a shamed, sleazeball clot. Who would want to be seen with Wayne Rooney now he's been so ruthlessly exposed in The Sun, eh?
You'll note that Rooney is wearing the logo of one of the few sponsors who don't have any problem being associated with a shamed sleazeball, which is probably why both men look like they're being forced to do something just because of the money on the table. It's a look Rooney must be quite familiar with seeing, come to think of it.