Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Our suspicions were first aroused when he claimed emphatically to not have killed the deputy

A few weeks ago, Will Self claimed in the New Statesman that the Met's armed police had placed themselves beyond reproach. Not by behaving well, but by letting it be known if any one of them was ever properly punished for breaking the rules, they'd all walk. That sort of beyond reproach. If they were firemen and said that, it'd be all over the tabloids before you could fact-check.

It's perhaps this apparent belief that they're untouchable which gives the backdrop for the claims that an armed officer had dicked about hiding song titles and lyrics in evidence at an inquest into the death of Mark Saunders.

If it wasn't so horribly inappropriate, there'd be something almost mesmerising about a news story which unites songs by Chris DeBurgh and The Membranes.

The "independent" Police Complaints Commission is carrying out an investigation. It'll be interesting to see if anything solid comes of it.