Tuesday, November 02, 2010

P-orridge bowls: Throbbing Gristle splits

Genesis P Orridge has sent stiff emails to the rest of Throbbing Gristle, uncoupling himself from the band. And, as a result, the rest of the Gristle has called it a day, too. For now.


In the evening 27th October TG members and their associated managements
received two emails from Genesis P-Orridge stating he was no longer
willing to perform in Throbbing Gristle and returned to his home in New York.

Cosey, Sleazy & Chris have concluded that once more, and for the time being,
Throbbing Gristle has Ceased to Exist, at least as a live entity.

Therefore, and with deepest apologies, TG must cancel their scheduled
performance at Archa Theatre, in Prague, Czech Republic on 30th October.
It being too short notice to offer an alternative set.

In order not to disappoint fans of the old quartet, Cosey, Peter & Chris
have offered to perform live under the name X-TG at Arena Del Sole, Bologna, Italy
on 2nd November & at Casa Musica, Porto, Portugal on 5th November.

We hope fans will appreciate and enjoy this new project and the trio is looking
forward to performing exciting new and radical electronic musics together.

Refunds are available for the Prague performance,
other refunds are at the discretion of the promoter.
XTG is quite an inspired name for thinking on the spot, you'd have to say. We'll hold our breath for the name-calling and acrimonious backstory.