Friday, December 17, 2010

Aretha Franklin unravels her illness

Maybe it's just me, but I'm finding something a bit unsettling about Aretha Franklin's slow reveal of the details of her medical condition:

Music legend Aretha Franklin tells a national publication that she soon will reveal what prompted her recent surgery at a Detroit hospital.
Aretha, you don't have to tell us. If you want to tell us, fine. Just don't turn it into a freaking striptease.

What do we get in eight weeks? "My first is in throat, but not in groat..."?

Mind you, she does seem to be on strong painkillers:
Franklin told Jet magazine that friends know she is "a lot more than the girl in the pink Cadillac on the Freeway of Love who also sings about Respect" and that they have prayed for her "without ceasing."
She does seem to have abandoned talking for just stringing together songtitles, although the crowbaring in of one of the better songs at the end suggests she isn't entirely adept at it yet.