Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Beatles on iTunes: It was Mills' work

You might have thought that dozens of lawyers were busy working behind the scenes to make the Beatles-Apple agreement which brought the mop-topped back catalogue to the iTunes store.

You'd be wrong.

It was all Heather Mills' doing:

‘iTunes? I organised it all with Steve Jobs [the Apple boss],’ asserts Heather between signing copies of one of her vegan ­cookbooks at a crowded Animal Aid Christmas fair at Kensington Town Hall yesterday.

‘But there’s no way I am going back to court for more money. It was all settled at the time and that’s it.’
How absolutely generous of her. Of course, it's possible she's not making any claims because even she doesn't believe the crap she's spouting.


Olive said...

Never thought I'd ever find myself speaking up for Heather Mills, but don't you think it's possible she was perhaps giving a sarcastic answer to a stupid question from a twat from the Daily Mail?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I could see that it might be, but the second bit... but it doesn't really sound tongue in cheek.

Mikey said...

Olive, I rather fear you were stuck between two prejudices there and picked the wrong one.

Olive said...

@Mikey: I don't know if it's a prejudice exactly. I mean I've never met Heather Mills, but I've actually read the Daily Mail. Look will you people stop making me defend Heather Mills? It's making me feel dirty.

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