Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Wedding dj

Gordon's mysterious obsession with trying to recast Prince Harry as some sort of dancehall star continues today, with Mark Ronson 'revealing' that Harry knows something about djing:

MARK RONSON said: "He came to one of my gigs recently and he's totally clued up about my genre of music. He was requesting all these songs and he was dancing and getting into the spirit."
Okay, so Mark Ronson's "genre of music" is mid-market crowd-pleasing pop, but it's good enough for Gordon to extrapolate.

He asked for a song, did he? And he danced, did he?

Why, then:
PRINCE HARRY could probably do a decent job of DJing at his brother's wedding next year.
Yes. Yes. Assuming he can get out of helping Princess Anne putting the cold buffet out, that is.