Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Charles meets the Dubz

If it wasn't for the joshing reference to the protesters who nearly spared Charles and Camillia the horror of the Royal Variety Show, you'd have bet Gordon had written his Charles-meets-N-Dubz piece weeks ago:

N-DUBZ have got the royal seal of approval from PRINCE CHARLES.

The Camden scamps were given a thorough talking to by the Prince at the Royal Variety Performance.
Naturally, Charles knew all about them (i.e. had been briefed about them seconds before):
He said: "What are you guys doing here. Are you hip-hopping about?" Dappy replied: "No sir, we make great music for the masses."

Charles then replied: "So I've heard."
Given that Gordon and N-Dubz are seizing on this as evidence of Charles being aware of their work, surely an opening gambit of "what are you guys doing here?" is a bit weak. Hadn't he just seen them doing their thing?

Still, it made Dappy happy:
Afterwards Dappy was still beaming because Charles knew all about the band.

He said: "It just shows how far N-Dubz have come that even the Prince knows all about our music. We are honoured."
Hmm. "Are you hip-hopping about" and "that's a nice suit" hardly suggests Charles is ready to go on Mastermind with N-Dubz as a specialist subject.

Gary Barlow managed to wave a double-edged sword as he introduced N-Dubz on stage:
GARY BARLOW introduced the trio on to the stage, saying: "These guys are the only urban UK act to sell any albums."
Might come as a surprise to Tinchy and Dizzee, that, Gary.