Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gordon in the morning: How would this have worked if One Direction had won?

Gordon has handed the obviously staged kiss "caught" by photographers to Richard White to "report" on:

The show winner, 27, chatted intimately with ex-S Club Junior Stacey McClean hours after single When We Collide hit the top spot.

Matt - often told by show judges "You made that song your own" - kept smoothing
Stacey's hair as they spoke at London's May Fair Hotel.
This, of course, is a genuine thing that really happened, and not an attempt by his managers to try and shift the impression that Cardle is about as thrilling as a cold cup of coffee in a queue at St Pancras.

Although the thought that anyone would recognise Stacey McClean without someone handing out copies of her CV to the paparazzi does seem a little unlikely.