Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not Forgot-Ten: April 2010

LL Cool J was surprised to find himself in a programme being interviewed by Sarah Palin, a person he's never met. Keane were livid to hear David Cameron using them as a theme tune, but not as angry as KT Tunstall was with her BNP stepdad. And Dave Rwontree explained why he fought elections. Not just something to do between Blur reunions.

Forced to choose between a girl, and a pop career, Cliff Richard decided to go the route of causing the most suffering. Liam Gallagher came up with a witty riposte just weeks after being called a name by Peter Kay. Working even more slowly, Ringo Starr decided to blame eBay for his withdrawal from autographs a couple of years back.

Q and Mojo decided to squeeze freelancers a little bit more. The NME had another revamp.

Hopes that 6Music could be saved by being rebranded were thrown down a well by the BBC. The battle between Absolut and Absolute for ownership of the name ended in a draw. Or possibly drawe. Always close to a pound note, Heather Mills won a set of free Whitney Houston tickets off Heart FM.

To the delight of the Daily Mail, it turns out Kelly Clarkson causes cancer while Phil Collins started to steal chunks of the Alamo. Dappy claimed to have taken meow meow, although the fact he called it meow meow makes it seem unlikely. Leona Lewis didn't need alcohol for a good time, or at the very least turned into a one-woman episode of Casualty. Just the message bit.

Ian Astbury pulled on our sleeves - had we heard about this downloady thing that people do on computers? It's wrong, he concluded. Last FM made itself a bit less useful by junking the 'play this track' feature. Hoping nobody would spot they were a major label, Warners tried to crowd-source the funding for Natty's new album.

Andrew Liversage from the BPI was caught out suggesting repurposing a birthday card but said he was only joking because copyright is sacrosanct, right? Information Is Beautiful had a crack at breaking down how much each format made for an artist, with limited success.

Returning: Shania Twain. Disappearing: White Rose Movement. Reworking: Shirley Manson. Quitting: Supergrass. Reforming: The 22-20s. Winding up: Voxtrot. Pausing: Idlewild.

Was the world ready for an Adam Ant comeback? More to the point, was he?

This month, Lady GaGa was unwittingly at the heart of a deep south homophobia t-shirt row.