Monday, December 06, 2010

Gordon in the morning: I'm aware this is actually the evening

Posh Spice has, we're told, gone to the dark side:

VICTORIA BECKHAM has road-tested many trends over the years, but her latest airport outfit will have Star Wars fans fearing she's turned to the dark side.

Wearing a high-collared black cape, the former SPICE GIRL was just a helmet and light sabre shy of replicating Darth Vader's menacing appearance in the classic sci-fi trilogy.
Now, call me picky, but I can't help feeling that if you hired a Darth Vader outfit and got one without a helmet or a light saber, you'd be a bit justified in feeling you'd been short-changed.

Dick Turpin wore a black cape, too, but it's unlikely that if found himself at the same works Christmas do as Vader he'd feel obliged to go home and change to avoid an embarrassing clash.