Thursday, December 30, 2010

Popobit: Bobby Farrell

Bobby Farrell, the bloke from Boney M, has died.

Originally a teenage sailor from Aruba, Farrell made a career shift after arriving in Europe, becoming a DJ and then getting recruited in 1974 for Frank Farian's disco act. Back in a pre-Milli Vanilli age, it wasn't unusual for the face of a band to be someone other than the voice of the band, and so it was with Boney M, where Farrell was the trousers and dance for Farian's vocals.

His frontage role turned into an actual singing part, and he continued to perform after the M split in 1986. Even over the last decade, where he was beset with breathing problems, Farrell continued to work, and he had been on stage in St Petersberg shortly before he died.

Bobby Farrell was 61.