Saturday, January 08, 2011

Embed and breakfast man: Allo Darlin'

One of the shining lights of 2010, Australian-Kentish and incredibly well-connected (various Darlin's also spend time in the Tender Trap, Darren Hayman and The Secondary Modern and Hexicon), let's spend some time looking and listening to Allo Darlin' to brighten the winter gloom:

That's Dreaming, their single from almost-a-year-ago.

Robert Forster - who knows a thing or two about these matters - is something of fan; he reviewed the album for Monthly:

The first impression the album gives is of lightness and sweetness, qualities not in vogue and not usually associated with either depth of feeling or musicians attentive to sonic detail.

It's just not clear why their name has an apostrophe to indicate the dropped 'g' but not the dropped 'h'. That worries me.

Allo Darlin the album

Say Allo, click goodbye
Official site
Last FM
MySpace (MySpace still functioning at time of publication)

Kiss Your Lips for Off The Beaten Tracks
Henry Rollins Don't Dance at the Duke Of Uke
Tallulah at BBC Introducing
The Polaroid Song

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