Saturday, January 08, 2011

PRS spend more of artists' money on pointless survey

PRS For Music have shown once again their dedication to ensuring the royalties they collect don't get pissed away before reaching their members by commissioning another poll calculating the "hardest working artist".

It's a heartbreaking list:

1. Peter Andre
2. Status Quo
3. JLS
4. Westlife
5. Rod Stewart

It's based on how many dates they played during 2010 and the number of braying idiots who went along, but also forms a handy chart which could be used to argue persuasively that music should probably be switched off now as it's all too horrible to contemplate.

PRS also produced a chart for bands playing smaller venues, which implies that playing a theatre rather than an arena requires less hard work somehow. The top three:

1. Example
2. Ellie Goulding
3. Tinie Tempah

From this, you can ascertain that people who hold down day jobs, play three gigs over a weekend and rehearse every evening aren't considered to be hard working at all by the PRS, but I'm guessing that nearly all hard-working artists would rather the money spent on producing the chart would have been given to the people who actually earned it.