Wednesday, January 05, 2011

If you really love Britney, she might give you a track

It's not unusual for pop stars to ask fans to jump through hoops in return for a freebie. This, though, is something different: Show Britney you still love her, and, erm, she'll let you buy a record:

On Monday, January 10th Britney fans worldwide will be encouraged to share a message on Facebook 2 million times.

Once this is accomplished, her new single, “Hold It Against Me” is unlocked for radio & for immediate sale on i-Tunes.

Sony Music Canada is offering the opportunity to Canadian stations to have their listeners participate through a customized Facebook widget that listeners can then forward.
In a similar move, our local butchers will put sausages on sale if we applaud loud enough when he walks down the street.

[Thanks again to Michael M]